The Best Way to Keep Slim After Lunch Time

By Jassy Feng
It is suggested by experts that you need to take just three to five minutes rest before lunch. And when having your lunch, do focus on your meal, and completely release from your work. Then after lunch, here are some suggestions to keep slim:

Clean teeth, Remove Odor – You had better prepare a toothbrush, and after lunch you can clean your teeth immediately. It is a good way to reduce odor and other related periodontal diseases. If it is not convenient for you to have a toothbrush in your office, then you can put a packet of dental floss in you bag, or you can just rinse out the mouth after lunch, either way is better than leave your tooth covered with food debris.

Take a pleasant walk – Going for a pleasant walk is suggested for you after lunch, it helps prevent the sugar in you blood from being converted to fat. Also you can get a relax from the high stress job for a while.

Sit or stand 15-30 minutes before nap – Most of my colleagues would like to take a nap after lunch, especially for girls, they would take it as a good way to refresh their mind and skin. But one thing you should remember is stand for 15-30 minutes before you take a rest. Sleep immediately after lunch will result in fat deposition, and may result in pot belly, also your stomach will suffer a lot. Therefore stand for a while after lunch that is good for your gastrointestinal system.

Drink a cup of herbal tea – If you do not want to have a rest, then you can take a cup of herbal tea or coffee. It is pleasant to ease pressure with a cup of tea. Many white-collars especially women favorite herbal drinks that are effective to add moisture and keep delicate skin. And the most popular ones are tea with chrysanthemum, verbena, honeysuckle, plum blossom.

Do some sports at office – It is really difficult for us to keep doing sports regularly due to the heavy work pressure, but an easy way to go is doing some sports after lunch in the office. After the lunch break, you can do some sports inside of the office, such as some gymnastics and some aerobic exercise. 5 minutes of stretching exercises can ease your mind and body.

Anyway, please relax and balance in the lunch break, then you will be refreshed to your job again! And can work more effectively in the afternoon!

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