Getting In Shape For The Winter Ski Season

By Aaron Jochum

Skiing is a fun winter sport. But if you have been a couch potato for the past several years, even though you may love the sport, it is probably a mistake to hit the ski slopes without a bit of preparation. So, if you are serious about skiing this winter, it is probably best to get started on an exercise routine to get yourself in shape before the ski season actually begins. The first thing that you need to do is to get approval from your doctor that it is OK for you to begin an exercise program. If he gives you the go ahead, then you can start to set your plan into motion.

The best advice is to start your program slowly. If you have been sedentary for most of the year, your cardiovascular system is probably not very good. So, first you want get that into shape. A good way is to simply start a walking program. Start slow walking and gradually increase your speed until you are power walking. Everyday, weather permitting, take a walk around your neighborhood. If you get out of breath, don’t stop. Simply slow down and walk slower. Gradually you will build up both your stamina and your leg strength. Do this for about twenty minutes to a half hour each day.

Now you can escalate your training program. A good choice is cycling. Cycling will help you to build up your leg muscles as well as give you a good cardiovascular workout to improve your overall health. If you like, now that you are doing more strenuous exercises, you can cut the number of days that you train from seven or six, to four or five times a week, preferably on alternate days. This gives your muscles a chance to relax and repair themselves.

To properly prepare for skiing, you also need to concentrate on getting your abdominal and lower back muscles into shape. There are many portable fitness machines on the market that can help you to do just that. If you don’t have a portable fitness machine, you can still exercise your abdominal and back muscles by doing sit ups, leg raises, body twists, and so on. There are also various isometric tension exercises that can help strengthen these muscles as well.

By starting slowly and gradually building up your body to a proper state of fitness, you can begin the ski season in shape with a lot less fear of injury.

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